Dragon City Cheats – Get more gems and food tips !

Dragon City is one of the most popular games on Facebook. In the game you must collect resources such as ( gems, food and coins ). You can use it to build huge world with dragons. You can fight in the arena with own dragons against enemies or friends. Like any game, it also has hacks. You can use these cheats to generate unlimited amount of resources. If you want to learn how to get dragon city cheats for gems etc please read my post.


Why you should have this Dragon City Cheats?

Because you will get many benefits of using this cheat.

Unlimited food to improve dragons level. Add any amount of coins and gems. Legendary dragons cheat – select type of legendary dragon and click “add”

This progam have proxy support ( owners added auto proxy scraper to get fresh list of proxy ). Program working great for me, i don’t have any problems or erros. I use it on my ipad and pc – developer said that it works on all devices but you must have working internet connection to connect with the game.

dragon city cheats and hack tool download

If you need tutorial you will get it at official site.  I told myself that i can do something for people so i created this blog. Many people try to get working cheat tool for games. I spent lots of time to get this application and today i want share it with you. I get it from great website where you can found much more tools for other fb/ios games.

Dragon City Cheats Download on Android/iOS and PC !

How to get this Dragon City gems cheat ?

Please check this site – then follow all steps to unlock the download page.

I did everything and now i have lifetime license. I generate a lot of resources everday within few minutes.

That’s all for now, if you need more tips and cheats please visit my blog.

See you my buddys !


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